Frequently Asked Questions

Improving the health of our community

Q: What is the purpose of seeking counseling services?                                  

  • Each person will seek services for reasons that are specific to what is going on in their life.  Some reasons one may seek services may include, but are not limited to:

Relationship difficulties
Grief and loss
Anxiety or depression
Child/Adolescent behavior struggles
Experiences of violence and abuse

Q: What can I expect from a session?         


  • Sessions usually run for approximately 45-60 minutes each. During this time, you may be asked questions and encouraged to talk about what might be troubling you. Counseling does not give advice, but rather helps you to find new ways to think about things, and helps you to process to identify your own solutions.  It is a chance for you to talk through issues or experiences and for the therapist to listen in helpful and non-judgmental ways.

Q: Will the things I talk about during sessions stay private?


  • Yes, anything discussed within a session will remain private and confidential.
  • Confidentiality will does not apply in situations related to mandated reporting such as:

Abuse or neglect related to a child
Abuse or neglect related to elders
Imminent threat to life of self or others

Q: How many sessions do I need to attend?     


  • This is based on each individual’s need and will be determined by you and your therapist.

Q: What if my partner does not want to attend?    


  • If your partner does not want to attend a joint session, you may like to start or continue on your own.  Your partner is always welcome to join in the future.

Q: How much is a session?       


  • The fee for services provided will be discussed and identified by you and your therapist as fees may vary to each unique situation. 

 Q: Do you accept my insurance?      


  • We currently accept Missouri Medicaid, Missouri Care, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 
  • EAP (New Directions, ESI)

 Q: What is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)?