We are committed to our vision and mission by providing resources to young children, adolescents, and adults who would not typically seek holistic services.

All services are tailored to meet the individualized needs of our clients and will include a combination of therapeutic approaches.

In home services are also available as deemed appropriate We look forward to meeting your needs ~One Piece at a time.

A Life’s Journey is dedicated to providing the support that is needed to improve the emotional and mental health of others.

Through the use of culturally specific education and services, we strive to create healthy minds, bodies, and relationships within our community.

A Life’s Journey envisions confidence and comfort in acknowledging, accepting, and improving the mental health of our community.

What To Expect At A Life's Journey

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Our Mission

Our Vision

Improving the health of our community

A safe place?

We will maintain a comfortable and private environment to address your needs.


Genuine support?

We are committed to being your partner throughout your journey of seeking emotional wellness.


Professional service?

Our licensed therapists will provide the expert care your family deserves.